Soggy sweet
cereal bowl
a pocket-sized heartbeat
with a sunny coat
and pink lemonade nose
patters on my lap

Feet up on the balcony
a grocer down below
perhaps a friend
or husband
time slows
and rides the tails of summer clouds
through a pale pool
sedated with light

Soggy sweet
banana slice
cut like my mother
in an ageless kitchen
against her finger
with her polished thumb
that swoops like a gleaming slide—
we make a solid landing
hardly any dirt on the laces
then muck it up
splashing in skimmed milk rains

And though peace has not chosen me
I have chosen it
be it fictitious
a wish
drawn from ornate obsoletion
and less likely possiblys
sugar still grinds
between my teeth
and the pain
from a once existent cavity
is wonderful and dizzying.


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