My Current Project

So, I realize that I’m not the best blogger, and I guess it’s because I’m not really used to talking about my projects publicly. Usually when I write, I keep my ideas close to my chest and work silently until I have something of substance to share. But I do want to get into the habit of documenting my process and hopefully inspire some kind of readership, so here goes nothing…

I’m currently working on a novella for my university graduation project, now tentatively titled The Safe Place. The book follows the story of Rona, a young girl who has lived her entire life in the woods. The only person she has ever had contact with is Anne, an older woman who is something like a mother or an older sister to her. Rona loves Anne deeply — more than she loves herself — so it is quite jarring when she wakes up one morning and finds that Anne is gone. All she has left behind is a note, telling Rona that she has ‘gone to the sea’ and that Rona ought to meet her there.

Rona is terrified of leaving their little clearing in the woods, but she is even more terrified of being without Anne, and so for the first time in her life she must venture out beyond the thicket of trees that encircle their cottage and venture out into the world.

The novella is separated into four chapters: The Clearing, The Woods, The Town, and The Sea. Each chapter presents its own unique challenges for Rona, and though her journey is riddled with uncertainty, one thing is for sure: she will never be the same. 

Doesn’t that sound interesting and magical and fun? I know, I think so too! Anyways, I’m planning on posting some excerpts soon, so don’t stray too far, okay?

See you soon.


The Goblin

In Social Ethics class we were asked to make a creative project about a social issue that mattered to us. I decided to write a short children’s book about domestic violence in Jordan, told from the point of view of a child. My hope for this book is that it will raise awareness on the issue, as well as offer solace and strength to the children living in these abusive households, despite the fact they may not yet fully understand their circumstances.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback!