A Poem About Driving Anxiety

You’re good for a while
(I mean, you’re good now
but you did think about stopping the car
to lie on the pavement and scream
so I suppose you could be better)
but anyways—you’re good for a while
and then there comes a time when you trip
it could happened to anybody
maybe they’re good at recovering quick
and maybe they don’t get so tripped up when they trip
maybe you just didn’t expect
and that’s okay
roads have shoulders
and you can rest your head there if you so please
but even if you don’t
you are safe, I promise
the last four times promise
the last two years promise
and you know that
and now you know it again.



Oh God, help me

keep my fingers above my waistline

and away from the filth at my hairline

give me a song so I can tap to the bass line

and not sit counting all pastime

that I’ve scratched neatly into rows on my neckline

tally marks in a straight line

each fifth thrown across like a lifeline

that I miss and watch sink into the blue tide

my God, did I even try?

Green Window

Mary in the dark room
with the green window
and the ceiling that sprinkles warm rain
dances like a lonely demon
gasping and sighing
writhing against a phantom frame.